17-131 – Nuclear Safety Analyst

Our client is currently requesting resumes for the following position: Nuclear Safety Analyst

Resume Due Date: September 19, 2017 (5:00PM EST).               

Number of Vacancies:  2

Project: Refurbishment Safety Analysis

Duration: 2 years

Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Job Overview

  • Provide technical expertise to Nuclear Refurbishment Safety Analysis Dept. in support of the safe restart of Darlington refurbished units.
  • Provide technical expertise, problem solving, technical evaluations and advice/ guidance, in a number of major work areas within Nuclear Refurbishment Safety Analysis Department on Nuclear Safety issues and Nuclear Safety Analysis, in conformation with Regulatory Requirements, Industry and OPG Standards.
  • Perform Restart Safety Analysis/Assessments and coordinate technical work as required (on behalf of OPG and under OPG staff supervision) to support refurbishment modifications, restart configurations, fuel loading, commissioning activities and safe return to service etc.
  • Participate in the coaching of the less experienced incumbent within NSAD in terms of technical skills, including peer-to-peer training, monitoring and shadowing as appropriate.
  • Review/conduct the required safety analyses/assessments and technical evaluations in the areas of thermal-hydraulics, reactor physics and fuel & fuel channel, including safety margin demonstrations  following the postulated accidents.
  • Support the Safety Improvement Opportunity projects in areas including technical review of vendor deliverables and preparation of operating strategy based on safety analysis.
  • Review and Perform weekly Probabilistic and Deterministic risk assessments of planned plant configuration and manage Safety Related System Testing (SRST) program, system fault tracking to support S99 Annual Reliability Report preparation
  • Preparation and review of Technical Procedure Action Requests (TPARs) for affected operating documents updates (such as EMEGs, AIMs) or Document Change Requests (DCRs) for other affected documents (such as BDBA background documents)
  • Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) support with preparation of PSA analysis scope and plans and reviews of PSA deliverables
  • Reviews of vendor track record of deliverables on nuclear safety analysis, design change, work plans or operating documents etc
  • Assess and evaluate nuclear safety issues
  • Perform the scoping engineering calculations, technical assessment for refurbishment unit as requested.
  • Prepare Nuclear Safety Assessments
  • Identify the adverse impact to operation and other stakeholders due to the anticipated and confirmed outcome of safety analyse and, consequentially, prepare the mitigating strategies as requested.
  • Support CNSC submissions on restart activities, and provide technical support to strategies and interface with regulatory agencies as needed on Nuclear Safety Analysis related issues.
  • Support other sections within NSAD as requested, including design change package reviews, review/revise reactor safety governances (OP&P, OSR etc) as requested
  • Participate in knowledge transfer programs/mentoring to assist in the development of others within NSAD.
  • Integrate and collaborate with other internal and external stakeholders as appropriate to support refurbishment.


  • In-depth knowledge and demonstrated experience with a solid understanding of the nuclear safety aspects of Darlington station system design, commissioning and operation.
  • In-depth knowledge and proven experience with the DNGS Safety Report, Nuclear Safety Analysis (Deterministic/Probabilistic) and licensing technical basis.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience using computer codes for analysis.
  • In-depth knowledge of Darlington Probabilistic Assessments ( DARA)
  • In-depth knowledge of the Refurbishment Safety Improvement Opportunity Projects
  • Expert knowledge of the Darlington SAMG/EMEG Program as well as International EMEGs/ SAMG expertise
  • ERO/ TSG active qualification and expertise
  • In-depth knowledge of the OPG BDBA framework
  • General knowledge of the scope of the Refurbishment Projects and being familiar with OPG Design Modification process /relevant procedures.
  • A history of demonstrating strong analytical, problem solving, providing advice/guide and make recommendations during the design, commissioning and operation of a nuclear facility.
  • In-depth knowledge of the relevant CNSC regulatory documents (e.g. Reg.Doc. 2.5.2, Reg.Doc. 2.4.1 and 2.4.2., Reg.Doc. 2.10.1) and demonstrated experience in interfacing with CNSC.
  • In- depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of thermal-hydraulics, reactor physics, fuel and fuel channel analyses.
  • Experiences with unit refurbishment safety analysis and return to service of a nuclear facility.
  • A high degree of initiative, self-motivation, flexibility and the ability to work with minimal guidance in a multi-disciplinary team environment with changing priorities.
  • Strong negotiating, diplomacy, interpersonal skills with ability to influence others and drive work to success.
  • Strong mentoring skills and able to train others.
  • Strong leadership skills and high degree of accountability and engagement.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Exemplifies the OPG behaviours consistent with OPG-Nuclear Cornerstones and Values.
  • Excellent written / verbal communication skills in order to prepare clear and concise documents (memos, reports, etc) and to prepare/deliver presentations to stakeholders/regulator.
  • Occasionally requires working in a plant environment.  Occasionally requires travel to station / contractor / regulator facilities. 

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