17-136 – Lead Auditor

Our client is currently requesting resumes for the following position: Lead Auditor
Resume Due Date: Thursday, August 31st (5:00PM EST)                              
Number of Vacancies:  2
Project: Lead Auditor Project Assurance
Duration: 1 year
Location: Darlington Energy Complex (DEC)

Job Overview

  • Lead surveillances and programmatic oversight activities to assess the effectiveness of the programs and practices used to support the Darlington Refurbishment Project in the areas of safety, quality, schedule, and cost.
  • Prepare surveillance reports and other required reports supporting the department
  • Recommend and obtain agreement for corrective actions to address deficiencies and areas for improvement, assess effectiveness of corrective actions.
  • Collaborate with other oversight functions to conduct other programmatic oversight activities (e.g.: self assessments)

As an Audit Team Lead in the areas of Leadership:

  1. Provide quality team leadership for surveillance engagement and special projects as assigned and be accountable to ensure that methods and results adhere to surveillance standards.
  2. Responsible for surveillance scope, surveillance report, schedule adherence, team performance and behaviour.  Accountable for and supervises the work of a surveillance team which may be comprised of professional, and project management personnel engaged in the surveillance process.
  3. Assign tasks to surveillance team members ensuring the commensurate level of complexity, discussing limits and methods to be used, specifying task parameters and setting overall context for the assignment. Formulates specific work assignments, and includes team members input and discussion on requirements, issues and the like, taking appropriate and timely action to deal with unsatisfactory performance, consistent with approved policies and procedures.  Identify training requirements required to perform tasks, ensuring the training is relevant.

As an Audit Team Lead in the areas of Audits:

  1. Assist in the planning and delivery of surveillances/independent assessments to comply with codes, standards and regulatory requirements, and OPGN expectations, for the refurbishment of Darlington station and ensuring that the surveillance team is prepared prior to the initiation of the audit.
  2. Independently plan, and audit/assess work activities, control of processes, work programs, safety programs and training etc., to ensure that line organizations’ are adequately established and controlled to meet safety, quality, schedule and cost objectives.
  3. Support the development of surveillance programs, performance assessments, and risk-based assessment programs, as required, to meet the business needs of the senior management, considering refurbishment business objectives, strategies and risks facing the company.
  4. Provide meaningful input to the department Manager specific to the formalization of department work programs and tasks and seek to improve work processes.
  5. Maintain professional relationships with management, stakeholders and external service providers. Co-ordinate with these groups and influence those to change a course of action that results in a high level of satisfaction relative to delivered services.  Communicate often contentious and subtle issues and dealing with potential conflicts such that the team’s credibility and effectiveness is not compromised
  6. Participate in the assessment and communication of surveillance findings to determine significant conditions adverse to safety, quality, schedule, and cost providing insight to management regarding the effectiveness of internal controls in mitigating key risks to the Refurbishment project.
  7. Reporting of surveillance conclusions, planned management actions, follow-up status to Project Managers and Senior Management as appropriate, monitor the status and resolution of corrective and management actions in response to identified control gaps.
  8. Continually assess and maintain Ontario Power generation (OPG) and Nuclear-specific governing documents, including policies, standards and procedures.



  • Requires a knowledge of engineering and sciences principles, theories, applications and technology, including physics, electricity, thermodynamics, mechanics, chemical components, mathematics and economics, to effectively understand, conduct, evaluate, and advise on concepts/designs/systems and improvements, and resolve problems associated with specified technical aspects pertinent to the audit and assessment of various nuclear generation facility operations. 
  • Requires a knowledge of English to effect sound communication skills, both oral and written, with respect to direction, influence and interface of/with others. 
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training (Grade XII plus 5 years).


  • Requires sound experience in project management, engineering, nuclear operations and maintenance, technical support, and codes and compliance to become familiar with problems associated with the overall operation of a nuclear generating facility, with particular emphasis on project management in a mega construction project environment. 
  • Requires experience in the performance of audits/evaluations in a construction environment, including audit/evaluation techniques and responsibilities.  
  • Requires project management experience and knowledge of the Darlington Refurbishment Management System.
  • Requires on-the-job experience to be familiar with the nuclear projects and management processes in various disciplines related to project management, operations, engineering, radiological safety and work safety.  Requires experience in a leadership capacity to effectively motivate, coach, facilitate, and empower others to attain optimal work performance with a high level of personal responsibility and self-management and providing feedback on such performance to the department manager. 
  • A period of over 8 years and up to and including 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.
  • The successful candidate will exhibit uncompromising integrity and commitment to upholding corporate values, and the OPG Code of Business Conduct.

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