App Development Architect/Developer

Have you ever wanted to work for a company that is on the front lines of deploying technological talent to those who make the products that we rely on to make life more enjoyable?

Well here we are, meet the Ian Martin Group, building authentic connections through meaningful work.

Here at the Ian Martin Group we work with some of the most technologically advanced organizations on the planet.  Our goal is to connect skilled technical talent to a world of opportunity that has an impact on the lives of others.

As our business grows, the need to connect with people like you grow.  You wouldn’t have found your way to this advertisement if you were not interested in what we can do to help you, would you?

Now for the good stuff.

We have an opening for an App Development Architect/Developer in Toronto, ON

Key Responsibilities: 
• Design, code, and testing of Service APIs 
• Design, code, and testing of  Apps 
• Design, integrate, and test 3rd party apps on client,s Network 

Key Skills and Knowledge: 
• Working knowledge of Web Services and Cloud Computing Services 
• Working knowledge of network/device security standards and protocols, Good understanding of Security concepts like OAUTH, SAML, One-way/Two-way SSL 
• Working knowledge of API Management Platform (e.g. Apigee, CA API Gateway, 3Scale, WSO2) to build, expose and manage API life cycle 
• Knowledge of data warehouse, secure storage, and data intelligence 
• Knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Unix environments (i.e. Redhat, Ubuntu, Darwin, etc). 
• Working knowledge of server virtualization, programming and architecture experience with NOSQL/MapReduce/RabbitMQ technologies, Docker/Container technologies 
• Strong understanding of SOA, ESB, JMS, XML, JSON, REST, WS, WSDL 
• Working knowledge of Node.js 
• Extensive knowledge and experience in JavaScript, jQuery, responsive HTML5 and CSS 
• Experience in JavaScript Frameworks: Backbone.js, Angular, boot-strap 
• Experience in front-end routing, client-side templating and consuming JSON-based REST APIs 
• Experience working with HTTP, UDP and Websocket protocols 
• Working knowledge of cellular network access, core and VAS network elements, including functionalities and protocols 
• Working knowledge of Over the Air (OTA) technologies allowing updates to SIM cards and devices (SIM OTA, Subscription Management, eUICC, DM manager and clients, etc) 
• Knowledge of subscriber/service provisioning, charging and billing 
• General knowledge of M2M and IoT industry standards, reference architectures, protocols, products/platforms and vendors 
• Experience in applying scrum/agile methodology and DevOps

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