Sr Field Controls Analyst

Cost Management
• Working with the Project Controls Analyst to define the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and budget to be utilized for the contracts.
• Verifying labour, equipment, materials and subcontractors (LEMS) sheets or scorecards.
• Implementing project controls systems to track construction costs.
• Ensuring that all costs and hours expended on the project are allocated to the correct budget (WBS) accounts.
• Interfacing with the contractors to ensure the timely and accurate provision of daily LEMS sheets, shift summaries, progress updates, and earned value reports.
• Validating daily LEMS sheets and other similar contractor submittals for agreed-upon rates and correct WBS coding for the work performed.
• Interfacing with the inspectors that approve the daily LEMS sheets and other similar reports for the accuracy of the hours expended and the resources itemized, ensuring they are an accurate reflection of the work.
• Reviewing contractors' invoices, ensuring that the coding, amounts and reported quantities are in agreement with the information provided to date by the contractors and with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Schedule Management
• Working with the Service Recipient’s Project Cost Analyst and Scheduler to define the project schedule that will be utilized for the contracts.
• Monitoring the schedule and report raw information to the Service Recipient’s Scheduler during construction.
• Providing on-going updates to the Service Recipient’s Scheduler for a physical percentage of completed tasks based on the scorecards and agreed-upon contractor performance values.

Progress Monitoring
• At construction start up, setting up scorecards for earned value reporting for the project scope broken down by the WBS and updating and monitoring performance of the project and the contractors based on the results. The frequency of the reports varies depending on project requirements and constraints. Updates may be performed daily, weekly, or per shift depending on the pace of the items being monitored.
• Verifying actual progress and resources versus planned.
• Ensuring the contractors are tracking the progress of their work in a similar manner utilizing scorecards to report earned value and overall scope completion percentages.
• Reviewing with discipline-specific inspectors to ensure that the progress reporting of the contractors is accurate. Update the Enbridge scorecards with the installed quantities.

The Sr. Field Controls Analyst shall report functionally to the Service Recipient's Supervisor, Project Controls and indirectly, on a daily basis to the Service Recipient's Construction Manager.

Performance Expectations
The Consultant shall ensure that the Sr. Field Controls Analyst meets the following performance expectations:
• A proactive attitude and approach are mandatory:
• Ensure knowledge and understanding of Company Safety Manual and Provincial OH&S Regulations.
• Have the will to aggressively scrutinize and implement Regulatory and Company Safety requirements.
• Stop work if imminent safety issues need to be addressed.
• Follow Project Communication and Execution guidelines
Initiative and Leadership of Cost Savings/ Efficiencies
• Constructively and proactively offer suggestions and opinions throughout the construction process.
• Ensure that the Company’s Environmental Guidelines are met and adhered to.
Contractor Costs
• Manage work orders and work extras, following the Company’s administrative guidelines
• Ensure timely approval and support document process.
• Ensure time/material contracts are managed in a pro-active efficient manner. 
• Work and communicate closely with Engineering Team to guide the Contractors toward successful adherence to a schedule. 
Team Player
• Work closely with the Company Engineering Team and with Contractors. 
• Make appropriate proactive suggestions to both groups when required.
• Liaise with Company operations personnel in a proactive manner.
• All interactions shall be conducted in a professional manner. 
• Ensure strict adherence to requirements within construction specification. The Field Controls Analyst is expected to challenge the Company’s engineering team specifications that don’t appear to make sense.
• Be cooperative and responsive to internal and external inspections and formal audits. 
• Ensure document are collected and represented as per the Company’s Permanent Construction Record Retention Index.

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