Training Officer

Training Officers will fill a variety of positions, including both supervisory and individual contributor roles, to support the administration of the training organization. Specific duties include:

  • Direct and supervise a unit that develops and delivers training programs. 
  • Manage the continuous review and update of training courses to reflect changing technology, personnel development requirements, design changes, operating experience and new developments in the field. 
  • Provide oversight of an on-the-job training and evaluation program. 
  • Manage an apprenticeship program. 
  • Manage governing documentation that defines Bruce Power training processes. Conduct assessments of process effectiveness, document deficiencies, propose changes and recommend priorities. 
  • Develop and maintain course materials to support training delivery and development staff, and other courses as required
  • Administer the Computer Based Training System. 
  • Provide performance consulting to line managers by identifying specific performance gaps and then diagnosing those gaps to determine root causes. 
  • Provide project management support to training development projects. 
  • Supervise a scheduling unit. Recruit new schedulers as required on a permanent or temporary basis. 
  • Create and maintain reports to support continuous training process improvement. Run standard reports as required by the Training Manager. Manage specialised equipment to support the delivery of training.
  • Support Outage Management and Projects organizations to address training requirements of outages and projects. 

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