Training Officer

General Accountabilities:

Supervise units responsible for delivery and development of training, or scheduling of training, and manage implementation of the processes these units support. Alternatively, provide individual contributor support to the training function in areas such as governing document management, performance consulting, training project management, apprenticeship program administration, and train?the?trainer.

Specific task may include:

  • Direct and supervise a unit that develops and delivers training programs. Recruit new training staff s required on a permanent or seconded basis. Manage staff qualifications and training/development plans. Administer a budget and provide input to the business plan.
  • Administer training programs and coordinate course presentations, demonstrations and lectures.
  • Plan, organize, allocate training assignments to training staff and provide guidance and direction as required. Oversee the work of the scheduling unit to schedule courses and other training activities in accordance with the overall training program, and rearrange or adjust as plant equipment is available for study or practical training purposes. Oversee process for evaluation of trainees and maintenance of records of trainee results.
  • Manage the continuous review and update of training courses to reflect changing technology, personnel development requirements, design changes, operating experience and new developments in the field. Assist staff in the preparation of material for presentation. Conduct audits and assessments of training programs. Recommend to relevant Training Program Review ommittees revisions to training programs resulting from changes in design/operation of Bruce Power facilities, audits/assessments, or operating experience. Be aware of outside training courses and programs with a view to improving training centre programs. Manage training program related data in the Training Information Management System.
  • Provide oversight of an on?the?job training and evaluation program. Coach and mentor line staff who hold the staff development competency. Assist line supervisors in establishing and maintaining an OJT program. Conduct audits and evaluations of OJT program delivery.
  • Manage an apprenticeship program. Coordinate activities of apprenticeship training providers.
  • Arrange apprentice work assignments. Evaluate and report on apprentice progress.
  • Manage governing documentation that defines Bruce Power training processes. Conduct assessments of process effectiveness, document deficiencies, propose changes and recommend priorities. Plan process changes and maintain training governing document or direct seconded staff to rewrite governing documents. Provide training process advice to users of training processes.
  • Interface with Business Services department on records and documentation standards.
  • Develop and maintain course materials to support training delivery and development staff, and other courses as required. Recommend changes to these courses to appropriate authorities. Deliver courses as required. Administer the Training Information Management System. Monitor system health, interface with users, application support team, and IT to provide advice and troubleshoot system problems, document bugs or proposed changes, recommend change priorities, plan changes, and manage development/implementation of new releases. Control access to the system.
  • Manage bulk credit uploads. Maintain on?line and standard Discoverer database reports. Manage TIMS data change control and monitor the health of TIMS training programme data.
  • Provide performance consulting to line managers by identifying specific performance gaps and then diagnosing those gaps to determine root causes. Design and develop appropriate interventions that could include: realigning consequences for performance, work re?design, on the job coaching in addition to formal training. Ensure the success of the interventions through on?going monitoring and follow up with line managers. Maintain expertise in human performance and human behaviour fields and well as management system processes.
  • Provide project management support to training development projects. This will include scope and develop plans and schedules for assigned projects to a level appropriate to the specific assignment, monitor project progress and report to customer, manage changes to project scope, resources and schedule, provide training technology advice and support to project team members consistent with approved processes and work practices. Maintain current expertise in training processes.
  • Create and maintain reports to support continuous training process improvement. Run standard reports as required by the Training Manager. Manage specialized equipment to support the delivery of training.
  • Regular working hours are 7 per day, 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday; some exceptions may be required.

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