17-031 – Senior Officer, Operations Procedures

Our client is currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Officer, Operations Procedures

Resume Due Date: February 24, 2017 (5:00PM EST)                     

Number of Vacancies:  2

Project: Fleet Operations

Duration:  2 years

Location: Darlington

Job Overview

Qualified staff (licensed and non licensed staff) are required to develop procedures for use in the Main Control Room and the Field to safely and efficiently operate the Darlington Nuclear facility to high standards and minimise Human Performance errors. Support in the following areas is required:

  • Emergency Power generator 3 Project – Process Post Commissioning procedure changes
  • Class 2 Inverter Rectifier Modifications
  • Feeder Scanning Upgrades for. on line monitoring of Fuel defects
  • Reactor Inlet header Set Point Modification
  • Oil in Gas Analyser upgrades to Main Output, Station System and Unit System Transformers
  • Emergency Mitigating System Equipment Operation
  • Sever Accident management Guides
  • Support Base work for both lnnage and Outage
  • Train and Mentor junior staff (for ex licensed staff)
  • Duties include:
  • Coordination of operational review, verification, validation process for new or revised documents.
  • Providing expert input to the design, development and maintenance of training material.
  • Providing in-plant roll out training, or training support to TSSD for new or revised ·procedures, standards, practices, forms, manuals, support documentation, etc.
  • Maintaining an awareness of current plant operating conditions, professional competency, and/or licensed status through field rotations and/or attendance at requalification and refresher training as required.
  • Liaise with Station Engineering an~ develops methods and programs for operations activities within the specifications provided by Station Engineering and consistent with OPGN standards and industry best practice for the conduct of operations.


  • Extensive experience in Nuclear power facility operations, systems and equipment, operating procedures including safety (preferably Darlington).
  • Plant operations experience and experience consistent with completion of the qualification program for authorized staff in order to acquire skills, work practices and techniques associated with the operation and maintenance of plant facilities.
  • Experience as an Authorized Nuclear Operator or CRSS/SM would be highly beneficial but personnel with a compatible level of experience and training may also be considered.
  • Good knowledge of nuclear station policies and principles, hazards, constraints and procedures.
  • Good knowledge of radiation protection procedures
  • Good knowledge of the operating systems, equipment, regulations, methods and procedures involved in the efficient operation of nuclear power electricity generation facility.
  • Good written and oral communication skills to prepare procedures, programs, information and reports and to provide advice, guidance
  • Good planning and work management skills.

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