17-071 Senior Executive Advisor

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Executive Advisor

Resume Due Date: April 28, 2017 (5:00PM EST)

Number of Vacancies:  3

Project: Refurbishment Construction Review Board

Duration: 3 years (Schedule and hours of work will vary depending on scheduled site visits)

Location: Bowmanville, Ontario

Job Overview

  • The Refurbishment Construction Review Board (RCRB) is established to review and assess Ontario Power Generation's Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment Program.
  • Contract details include:
  • Observing and reviewing any aspects of Darlington Refurbishment project related to Safety, Human Performance, Cost, Schedule, Quality, and Station Interface. Reviews consist of up to 4-day site visits followed by one exit meeting.
  • Advising  OPG Executives on the project management aspects of the Refurbishment Program as a whole or any specific projects that are part of the Refurbishment Program. 
  • Making impartial assessments to ensure that the project team’s actions are meeting expectations, commitments, and are following industry-proven project management practices. 
  • Assessments required a minimum of two times per year, at revised frequencies including occasional meetings as required by OPG Executives.
  • Suggest potential solutions for any weaknesses or gaps identified in the project management aspects of the Refurbishment Program (in whole or in part).
  • Provide advice on lessons learned and good practices within the nuclear industry and make recommendations on improving nuclear safety and project management.
  • Present confidential yearly summary of assessments Darlington Refurbishment Committee (DRC) of the Board of Directors.
  • From time to time, Senior Executive Advisor may be requested to participate as members of the Nuclear Safety Review Board (NSRB).
  • If requested, within twenty-five (25) days of a site visit, an RCRB report including recommendations shall be provided in writing to the OPG Executives.  If the Senior Executive Advisors have different views or perspectives on any observations or recommendations, such differences will be described.


  • Experience in, or extensive knowledge of, at least two of the following areas: 

–  Nuclear plant operations (reporting to a Vice President or higher)

–  Other extensive nuclear power experience

–  Regulatory experience

–  Senior advisory project management experience relating to a “mega-project” (e.g. over one billion dollars)

–  Construction management

–  Management of large projects

–  Major contract management and project controls.  

  • Requirement for one or more of the following:
  1. construction review experiences at least 3 years providing independent oversight or project management assurance services in nuclear industry.
  2. at least one project management advisory experience with respect to a nuclear generating station reporting to a vice president (or the equivalent) or higher.
  3. senior advisory project management experience with respect to an industrial project costing more than one billion dollars (a “mega-project”), construction management, management of large projects, major contract management, and project controls.

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