17-114 – Shift Outage Manager

Our client is currently requesting resumes for the following position: Shift Outage Manager

Resume Due Date: June 30, 2017 (5:00PM EST)                              

Number of Vacancies:  2

Project: Project Control Centre

Duration: 1 year

Location: Bowmanville, Ontario (Refurbishment Project Office – RPO)

Job Overview

  • Ensure all Refurb critical and near critical activities are processed ("Drive the Schedule")
  • Monitor all planned outage execution (in the field) and take action to remove roadblocks and maintain the schedule
  • Integrate work groups to ensure hand offs and/or support is aligned to avoid schedule delays
  • As the delegate for the Department Manager, Outage while on shift to provide outage work direction and assign priorities to ensure critical activities are advanced
  • Provide functional advice and guidance with respect to outage policies, procedures, and standards to Refurb staff and vendors
  • Initiate corrective actions when problems in any of the outage work occur. Influence other work groups to accept the corrective action plan in order to minimize delays to critical activities.


  • Requires a knowledge of science subjects including physics, chemistry, mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrical.theory, lnstrumentation and Control, nuclear theory and materials, and malhemallcs understand the operation of systems and equipment, monitor critical path activities durlng an outage and to provide technical expertise to resolve problems.
  • Requires knowledge of business administration, management theory and organizations to be able to effecllvely understand the group dynamics and interrelationships of the organizations coordinated during a planned outage. Requires knowledge of a technical writing to plan and prepare dally progress reports and communiques clearly and concisely.
  • This knowledge Is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of Grade XII plus 3 years further concentrated study in an appropriate field obtained in the Province of Ontario from a College of Applied Arts and Technology, Polytechnlcal Institute or Communlly College or by having the equivalent level of education.
  • Requires experience to become thoroughly familiar with systems, equipment components, and processes involved with the generation of nuclear energy in order to identify and assess outage work programs. Requires experience to comprehend, interpret and apply Operating Policies and Principles, administrative policies and procedures, health and safety standards, radiation protection policies and the like, including to undersland the rationale behind the same, to facilitate the provision of technlcal guidance and appropriate reactions in terms of problem-solving. Requires on the job experience to become fully conversant with operating and maintenance strategies assoclaled with multiple unit nuclear facility in order to provide effective outage work programs.
  • Requires experience in projecl management and plannlng and scheduling methods (PERT, CPM, etc…) to become familiar with the work methods, the work groups and interrelationships of same involved in effectively managing the outage work programs.
  • A period of over 8 years and up to and including10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.

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