17-138 – Training Specialist

Our client is currently requesting resumes for the following position: Training Specialist

Resume Due Date: Wednesday, September 6th (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies:  1
Project: Operator Training Development
Duration: 5 months
Location: Tiverton

Job Overview

  • Provide support for the present and future staffing requirements of WWMF by coordinating the development and delivery of an effective Station Systems Training program. Act as a consultant to WWMF line organization to provide advice, guidance and service in the planning of training and development activities.
  • Coordinate the execution of prescribed training.
  • Develop technical training course material


  • Requires knowledge of the fundamentals and principles of nuclear and related sciences and associated mathematics to understand nuclear-electric generating station systems and operation and to prepare and present lectures on science fundamentals and specialty subjects related to nuclear-electric stations.
  • Requires experience in a large industrial plant or nuclear generating station to gain a knowledge of the operation and function of control instrumentation and to gain a knowledge of maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures involved in the main plant and auxiliary installations. Requires experience in an operational atomic energy field to obtain a knowledge of nuclear plant operation, of standard procedures and techniques for radiation detection and control.
  • Requires experience in the preparation and presentation of training courses for technical personnel.
  • A period of over 6 years and up to and including 8 years is considered necessary to gain this experience. 

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