Project Procurement Analyst II


Do you exhibit strong skills in both procuring of goods and service?

Our Client is a leading producer of iron-ore, copper, cobalt and precious metals and one of the world’s largest nickel mining companies. 

We are currently seeking a Project Procurement Analyst II – Corporate to join the Project Procurement Department. 

The focus in the role will be to execute the commercial negotiations to maximize the savings/cost avoidances and the completion of key milestones/objectives, deliverables, etc. to minimize project schedule risks and providing Estimation.


EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Permanent, full-time 

LOCATION: Sudbury, Ontario 

BENEFITS: Flexible Benefit Plan, Pension Plan, Short-term Incentive Plan 


  1. Undergraduate Degree (Engineering, Business, Commerce or Legal programs)
    • OR a technologist diploma in civil, mechanical, electrical, construction or mining
    • OR equivalent relevant experience
  2. Certification in a professional association SCMP (asset)
  3. 5-7 years’ experience in both project procurement goods and construction contracts
  4. 5-7 years’ procurement related experience in construction project environment
  5. 5 -7 years’ with some experience in Estimation
  6. Experience with entire procurement cycle
  7. Strong negotiating skills
  8. Strong knowledge of procurement principles and processes, Canadian contract law, commercial terms and procurement to pay business systems.
  9. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Professional
  10. Work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders
  11. Organized, self-motivated and ability to work independently
  12. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

As the Project Procurement Analyst II, you will:

  • Be responsible for coordinating the accurate development/execution of the strategy set in the project procurement plans to enhance competitive advantage and to meet Project expectations.
  • Negotiate and interpret purchase, design and construction contracts
  • Assist in compiling and preparing contract bid documents
  • Establish and maintain contract records
  • Ensure compliance with commercial contractual terms and conditions
  • Work on high value contracts that are complex in nature
  • Make recommendations on contract strategies


  • Participate in the FEL processes prior to execution
  • Promote good business ethics as per Company NORM and corporate directives.
  • Adhere to the Company’s Business Principles & Ethics and Code of Conduct of being reliable, trustworthy and fair. Avoiding conflicts of commercial interest, ensuring accuracy of information, maintaining confidentialities.
  • Negotiate and resolve claims and variations with suppliers with input from project and EpCM. Preparing and presenting documents to support recommendations
  • Provide support and assist with development of junior team members
  • Establish project-specific contracting strategies
  • Ensure that all project specific contracts for services, subcontracts or equipment are drafted to incorporate contractor obligations to Client or transfer of risk as much as possible, thus assisting the procurement function.
  • Develop, implement and manage procedures, systems and corporate policies (procurement NORM)
  • Ensure that all related activities of Procurement are fulfilled in a timely and financially responsible manner, in compliance with corporate policies and that any required routine reports are developed and distributed as appropriate for the project.
  • Ensure coordinating in regards to customs clearance and documentation
  • Review and approve solicitation and analysis of tenders on all major contract awards
  • Manage the Change management process on the project. This includes changes orders, claims, back charges and penalties, new prices, dispute handling and resolution (short of litigation or arbitration) towards the Client, main Subcontractors and key Vendors.
  • Provide short to medium term planning, scheduling, and coordinating for the supply of materials, services, and equipment
  • Accountable for managing and ensuring accuracy of the contract status on the CSR/PSR (contracts/procurement status register) and identifying and managing any issues that may impact critical path.
  • Interface with engineering, scheduling, cost control, and construction where necessary when managing the CSR/PSR. Receive Engineering or generic specifications and source from Pre-Qualified Approved Vendor List
  • Select suitable vendors to supply required materials and services, under Terms & Conditions
  • Identify alternative and potentially better sources of supply. Where necessary, receive Pre-Qualification forms from Vendors and interface with appropriate departments to ensure compliance to Company expectations
  • Assist in identifying and monitoring the main contract risks, as well as participating in decision- making on the management of project contract risks.
  • Prepare tender documents; coordinating with engineering, legal, expediting, QA, scheduling and logistics, accounts payable and cost control to meet the project requirements and launch the Requests for Tender
  • Ensure competitive bids for compliance and accuracy from suppliers to ensure proposals meet the specification, quality, budgetary
  • Receive tenders, proceed with the commercial analysis and manage internal and external communications
  • Formulate the overall evaluation with the combination of technical and commercial scores
  • Administer a joint commercial and technical clarification meeting with suppliers
  • Negotiate on price and achieving demonstrable price reductions
  • Place purchase orders for the supply of materials and engineered packages
  • Review Bids and contracts for compliance and accuracy
  • Perform and lead commercial bid evaluations
  • Liaise effectively and foster relationships with suppliers, clients, and EpCM.
  • Accurate recording of progress of buying against project program and maintain procurement status reports with assistance from the EpCM.
  • Attend and participate in progress meetings where there is potential for commercial impact or contract dispute resolution.
  • Create accurate Purchase Orders from authorized requisitions. Execute contract induction meetings ensuring that all team members are conversant with Company and Contractor obligations as stipulated in the Contract.
  • Ensure materials, equipment and services are delivered/mobilized to meet Project requirements and timelines
  • Responsible for handover of Capital Project procurement Contract to Contract manager responsible for the goods/services to ensure full understanding and compliance during contract execution.
  • Maintain purchase order record from award through to close out and archiving.
  • Engage suppliers on performance issues and providing feedback through the Company Performance Database.
  • Prepare, develop and provide supporting documentation for potential claim
  • Ensure if back charges are required the vendor is notified through the back charge process.
  • Liaise with other disciplines, in particular engineering, cost control, invoicing, contracts coordinator, EpCM, etc.
  • Assist Accounting with invoice inquiries requiring clarification / approval.
  • Attest contractor invoices in compliance with established commercial as defined in the contract.
  • Certify and approve the invoices.
  • Action any engineering changes to specifications advising suppliers accordingly through PO amendments.
  • Ensure that Company Corporate policies and procurement procedures are enforced at all the time, especially in regard to project expenditures as they pertain to procurement.
  • Keep good control of project administrative documentation (PO, invoice, contract, amendments, approvals, procurement, and communication)
  • Compile and execute Contract Completion documentation.
  • Purchase order closures and hand over documentation to project group
  • Oversee that accurate and complete documentation records in support of materials receipt and dispatch, materials (asset) inventory, inspection records, and general materials movement all as per the project PEP (Procurement Execution Plan).
  • When impacting the RAS, shall involve the project and engineering to ensure mitigation plan are set up especially when it impacts CP critical path.
  • Provide advice to the Project Management Team on contract, legal and insurance issues during the project execution.


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